Sunday, December 6, 2009

Juice Your Gadgets Anywhere

The Power HotSpot from Solis takes something good (solar power) and makes it easy to use. For $375, you get a portable solar panel and base unit which puts out a 12 Volt supply. Plug in anything with a car cigarette-lighter adapter and you have gadget-power, wherever you are.


Or at least, wherever it is sunny. Some possible uses are suggested on the site: keep the lights burning in a garden shed or den, run a pond fountain, or “maintain a deer feeder & surveillance camera” (and edge case, we suspect). Of course the real uses are far more fun. Blog about gadgets all day long from the beach, for example, or power a beer cooler and stereo whilst picnicking.

We like it, although “portable” in this case clearly just means “fits in a car trunk”. We’re intrigued by one of the possible use-cases, though. The list says that you can “recharge bun warmers”. What is that all about?

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