Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gadget Mode

This week we got a chance to catch up with Atsushi Yamaguchi, the creator of the Buzz House Design range. A Mac fan with a love for sleek electronic design, the Buzz House Design creator is all about providing practical and fashionable accessories for his brand of choice.

buzz house case

Sleek design protection for your geek bits.

Deanne: What is Buzz House Design all about?

Buzz House Design: I create cases for iPhone , iPod touch , MacBook and Vaio. They are all made in Japan. They are handmade and high quality, made by professional crafters.

The range focuses strongly on two elements, practicality and fashion. Each piece is created as a carry case for the electronics and also as a fashion accessory.

macbook air - buzz house design

Fashion and Function: carry, keep and cover.

Deanne: Are you a Mac purist?

Buzz House Design: Yes, I love Apple because they pursue sleek design and that is captivating. I don’t feel that the PC has this same quality. Apple is just not a company making electronics, it is a fashion and design creator.

Nowadays, everyone has an iPhone, mobile phone or laptop. They are as common as bags or wallets. There should be more gadgets that are focused on design.

Deanne: Do you own other brand electronics?

Buzz House Design: NO.

Deanne: Your Mac Book felt cases and iPhone felt cases are popular items on TokyoMade. What would you say your number one item is?

Buzz House Design: I have to say that the best selling item is the iPhone Case but the leather iPhone cases are getting popular too. Since the MacBookAir case went on sale it’s been extremely popular and recently VAIO cases are selling well, too.

iphone buzz house design

iPhone Fashion – hand made in Japan.

Deanne: You are such an iPod fan that you actually run iPod parties here in Tokyo. Can you explain what an iPod party is exactly?

Buzz House Design: I organize a party called noWax which I don’t attend as Buzz House Design, I just go to the party with my friends.

I think many people who own an iPod have an obsession with music and culture. Often they would like to share their music as if they were the DJ. This is the concept of noWax events.

People who come to the party plug in their iPods and get to share the tracks they are listening to. It is a fun night and a great networking event. It is not just about the music, it is about interacting.

noWax is an irregular event, but please check it out here and stop in some time.

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