Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Coffee Filter Fashion Prom Dress

Based on the lineup at Starbucks, coffee addicts seem to be getting younger and younger everyday. One young coffee drinker just can't shake her love for coffee, so she brought her addiction to a new level by bringing it to her prom. Yes, you will understand how coffee and fashion come together if you keep on reading.

This is the dress that coffee addiction is made of, created by high school student Aimee Kick so she wouldn't turn up at the prom wearing the same dress as her arch frenemy. The dress consists of thousands of coffee filters which are adhered, dyed, cut and folded. To make this unique prom dress, the high school student turned budding fashion designer, says it only took her about one month worth of accumulate time to make this coffee filter dress. While you've certainly got to hand it to her, one can't help but think if next we'll see a report card dress, as she slyly tries to pass off her poor grades accumulated during her devotion to this project as a sacrifice for fashion.

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